A tool that maps, monitors heterogeneous enterprise IT portfolio. Identifies opportunities within your IT portfolio to gain inter-operability, reduce cost resulting in increased return on your large scale IT investments.



eStrategize is a derivative product of proven NASA technology used for review of employee performance and proficiency for large organizations enabling them towards successful objectives and mission.

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eStrategize Overview

eStrategize is a Performance management tool that helps all levels of an organization. It extends opportunities for executive management to ensure programs across the organization are strategically aligned to their objectives and mission.

It allows supervisors and program managers to assign, align, monitor and improve performances of their workforce towards accomplishing the groups objectives. It allows supervisors to collaboratively work with employees to create goals algining to organization objectives and employee career goals.

It tracks and monitors the performance on a periodic(quarterly, semi-annually, annually) or adhoc basis allowing management and employees to solicit feedback and have the opportunity to excel their performance.

360 Degree Feedback

Our product is also unique with its proven 360 degree performance review of an employee. This could be a self initiated review process by an employee or the management. It allows employee to get feedback not just from the superiors but also the peers and sub-ordinates that the employee interacts. This 360 degree assessment has ratings that helps more like a SWOT analysis that employee can excel in their strengths, focus on areas to improve by leveraging opportunities and adding them to their performance goals for follow-on reviews as part of continuous performance improvement process thus contributing success to the organizational objectives and goals.

Estrategize is SMART.











The Primary goal of eStrategize is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. It is a continuous process which measures the employee's contribution to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization.

It creates a win-win situation for the organization and its employees not just meeting its objectives but also supporting the employee's aspirations and career goals.

BigFoot Overview

ERP applications are typically used across an enterprise to make critical strategic decisions that positively impact business and customers alike. BigFoot enables customers with solutions inventory, tracking and analytics capabilities, presenting a big picture of an enterprise solution and level of customizations to Oracle eBusiness suite. BigFoot identifies opportunities for effective utilization of enterprise systems supporting business objectives while providing management the ability to analyze trends and make critical decisions with greater clarity of risk and opportunity. Bigfoot maintains inventory of your ERP solutions, it allows you to monitors and control costs by tracking usages for better return on your IT investments.

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